Dear Kiera Cass,

DSCF0163First of all, you’re awesome, and where is another high five, not for you to thank me for reading your story, this time is for you giving me the pleasure of doing so…. Reading your saga “The Selection” has been an amazing adventure. I absolutely love every piece and bite, the mystery, the characters, the history, everything is so contagious, and I’m honestly addicted. One thing I need to tell you about myself is that I’m obsessed with books, but more important is that now I’m obsessed with your books.Thank you for giving me the gift of getting to know you through your words. Again, you’re awesome. *wink* . Besides thanking you, I’m also where to ask you to never stop writing and living in this incredible story. This is an adventure that I’m not ready to stop living.

With love, Me.


See you soon, Ka.


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